My kind of town…

Hi there! Welcome to Tip C: Travel in Patricia’s Chicago. This blog is a compilation of all the places and activities that I think make this city second to none. I hope this will become one of your go-to sites when you’re trying to figure out where to have brunch on a Sunday (without having to wait in line forever), where to shop when you want to find unique gifts/souvenirs for out-of-towners, and which neighborhood festivals you should scope out this summer. Basically, I’m here to offer you tips about Chicago.

Before we begin our journey, I think you need to watch these videos. To me, they capture the true essence of Chicago…

This is the video that kicked off “Sh*t Chicagoans Say.”  The stuff regarding Michael Jordan, Da Bears, pizza, gas prices, snow, and “pop” are all real!

The comments made about this YouTube video are pretty accurate – these sayings apply to Northsiders. I’m a Northsider and I admit I’m criminal of, at least, 90% of the things said in this video. Sad, but true.

Andy Bear’s “ODE to CHICAGO” is both artistic and fun. I love that he shot part of the video at Hot Doug’s. If you didn’t see my photo in the About tab of this blog, go check it out. As you can tell, Hot Doug’s is a hot spot. 

Plain White T’s is a Chicago band, so it made sense to shoot the music video “1, 2, 3, 4” in Chicago. Most of it was filmed in front of the Art Institute of Chicago and in Millennium Park. But you will catch glimpses of other Chicago institutions, such as Wrigley Field, Metro, The Cubby Bear, and Delilah’s. Catchy song too, right?

This video by New Era came out on opening day at Wrigley Field. While the “Chicago vs. Chicago: Round 1” video is hysterical, I think it should be renamed “A Time-Honored Tradition: Cubs vs. White Sox Debate” or “The Northside/Southside Baseball Debacle.” It just shows how loyal Chicago fans are to their sports.